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I recently worked with Becca on our master bath/bedroom remodel and she was wonderful. She listened to me and gave me the room of my dreams. It is absolutely beautiful and my bath is incredible. The bathroom was kind of weird shaped but her and my contractor did a fantastic job in getting everything that we wanted. It is so perfect and we are very happy with what Becca did. I plan on using her again very soon!

When I hired Becca, I thought I was just hiring someone to help me furnish and decorate a home we were about to begin building. She did so much more than that! She went with me to make selections for faucets, lighting, granite, etc. Her experience, knowledge, and organization was invaluable! She also would do CAD drawings and not only show me different furniture arrangements for rooms, but also different patterns for tile placement in showers and backsplashes. These drawings also allowed me to fix potential problems before the build. (For example, my blueprint had not allotted enough space in my kitchen to get around island if refrigerator was open.) The drawings also gave me and my husband an idea of how much furniture we would need. We were able to create a budget per piece of furniture, drapery, lamps, and/or rugs. When it came to picking out furniture, she knew all my room dimensions and how much wall space I had. She also did better than sticking to our budget. It was less expensive!! She enjoys her job so much. You can tell by the effort, excitement, and pride she puts into the work she does. Although we moved into our home almost a year ago, she still is helping me with final touches and she has become a wonderful friend!

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